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The Game Invented on the seat of a tractor!

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--in the new library-sized box edition--

Fresh from the country. A classic family boardgame! So much fun, some people say it's the best game they've ever played, others call it addictive. This international award-wining game has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. So educational, it has been used by homeschoolers and thousands of schools around the world. So realistic, World Bank had it translated into Russian to assist farm privatization.

Good clean wholesome fun. THE FARMING GAME ® is perfect for home on any rainy day or family get together, for a weekend up at the cabin, or down at the beach. A great gift for anyone, including yourself! One size fits all.


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A boardgame is a dream machine, a vehicle to create an alternative reality. In THE FARMING GAME®, each player starts the game with 20 acres inherited from Grandpa. This property includes 10 acres in hay and 10 acres in grain. The 20 acres is not a large enough farm to make a living for a family, so each game farmer must also have a part-time job in town. With each completed trip around the gameboard you receive $5,000 from your year's wages to plow back into the farm. The object of THE FARMING GAME" is to build your farm large enough to be able to quit the job in town, come home to be your own boss, and farm full time. If you can do that without going broke, you win the game! $250,000 in total net assets are required to win THE FARMING GAME®. The gaming track is the calendar year, with a square for each week. Crops are harvested by the roll of the dice (about as much control as real farmers feel they have over yields and prices received for their crops). In THE FARMING GAME®, there is enough acreage for six players to diversify into a hay, grain, fruit, or cattle operation. Each individual farm is capable of pasturing 20 head of cattle. If any player wishes to run more than 20 cows, he can try to lease one of the range units in the hills.

For Ages 10 to Adult

Warning: This family game is so much fun it may become habit-forming!

Copyright © 1993, 2002 The Weekend Farmer Co.

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THE FARMING GAME® really was invented on the seat of a tractor. It happened in a hay field just as the sun was coming up in early July 1979. George Rohrbacher, a rancher from Central Washington State, was driving that tractor. He and his wife Ann were struggling to hold on to their family farm. With two droughts within three years they, and many of their neighbors were losing that battle. George and Ann literally bet the ranch the game idea would work and mortgaged everything that wasn't nailed down to produce the first edition of THE FARMING GAME®. The game, which was first assembled by the handicapped at Portland's Goodwill Industries, has now sold several hundred thousand copies. Beyond being a fun family game, it has also been used in schools all over the world. In 1994 the World Bank sent George to Russia to oversee the translation of THE FARMING GAME" into Russian to assist the farm privatization effort after the breakup of the Soviet Union; (the game is now also available in a Russian language version).

THE FARMING GAME" has sprouted new crops: computer games and a book. It has been adapted for computers in the Windows" format on 3-1/2" disks (for 1-4 players). THE FARMING GAME" for computers won the 1997 Mahnke Multimedia Award given by the Association of Educators for Communication and Technology (AECT), an international organization. As of November 2012, it has also been adapted for PC, Mac, and Linux under the name The Farming Game - Software Edition, and is available for purchase by download.

Now available is "Zen Ranching and THE FARMING GAME", the humorous story of life on the farm and the birth of THE FARMING GAME® by George Rohrbacher, published in 1997. This is a story of a family effort that became larger than the sum of its parts. Prompted by hundreds of calls and letters, George wrote much more than a "how to invent and market a game" book, he also captured a little lively piece of country living, and a fun inside look at life beyond the blacktop.

Keep on farmin'

George and Ann

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